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Officially established in 2023, AE Learning is a world-class provider of high-quality educational resources with a focus on the continent of Africa.

AE Learning delivers distance learning to a global customer base  primarily to unsure our clients companies achieve critical educational outcomes by offering engaging on-demand, immersive e-learning content and resources 

AE Learning Inc. is a premier provider of historical information on the ancient African kingdoms and African empires. At AE Learning Inc. we are dedicated to producing the highest quality content possible.  


Since our inception the team at AE Learning Inc. has utilized the latest and most recent data and analysis on the ancient civilizations of Africa to ensure the rich and decadent history of the continent is brought to life. 

Queen Tiye


"Inspiration through high quality education"


AE Learning Inc. has a key focus on providing high quality self-paced e-learning courses primarilty concerning the continent of Africa. Our courses cover a variety of subject areas including but not limited to African languages, ancient African empires and civilizations, African culture and traditions and general geographical, economic and social information on the continent.


Our content, courses and resources are made a available to a global customer bases. Primarily we work with both individuals, teachers, students and educational instituions to provide the quality resources they need to empower themselves and their stakeholders through learning and education.


AE Leaning is dedicated to the continuous improvement of our products and services in-line with the needs and aspirations of our customers. We operate with a 'customer first' mentatlity to ensure we over deliver in every engagement.

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Excellence: We aim to set the standard in everything we do. 

Customer First: We prioritise the needs and goals of our customers. 

Serve wtih Ethics: Upholding ethics and morals is the guiding force driving of all the services that we provide. 

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