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The War Between The Ottoman Empire and The Funj Sultanate

The Funj Sultanate which was also known as the Sultanate of Sennar was established in 1504 AD in the region of modern-day Sudan, northwestern Eritrea and western Ethiopia. The Funj Sultanate was created by an African ethnic group known as the Funj. The Funj capital was the city of Sennar and was a prosperous trade center hosting representatives from all over the middle-east and Africa. The Ottoman Empire was founded in 1299 AD in the region of northwestern Asia Minor in the area of modern-day Turkey just south of the Black Sea.

The Ottomans attempted to invade the African state of Ethiopia specifically in the region of modern-day Eritrea in 1557 AD. A series of battles between the local African populations and the Ottomans took place of the next few years with the Ottomans ultimately withdrawing in 1572 AD. To counter the Ottoman expansion in the Red Sea region of Africa, the Funj engaged in an alliance with Ethiopia.


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